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Wheeler is a newly-imagined neighborhood in downtown Oklahoma City. Designed through a community charrette in the summer of 2014, Wheeler is first to expand the modern development footprint to the south bank of the Oklahoma River. Its layout encourages walking or bicycling to school, work, dining, the Ferris wheel and beyond.

From tiny houses to townhomes, Wheeler features a range of for-sale and for-rent housing for pioneering families that want the convenience and quality of a newly constructed home connected to the amenities and offerings of Oklahoma City’s dynamic urban core.


Wheeler celebrates local, providing a community for neighbors to gather, collaborate, and grow.

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Wheeler strives to curate a quality place-based experience for everyone through a combination of family-friendly public spaces and mixed-use development.

Wheeler family


Wheeler is located at the nexus of the Oklahoma City bike trail network.

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Breaking Ground

Break ground on housing and mixed-use surrounding the historic Terminal Building.


Moving In

Neighborhood welcomes its first residents and shop-owners.



A burgeoning urban neighborhood with hundreds of homes and a range of shops and workspaces, and a new elementary school.



It’s Wheeler, a place people love.

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  • Wheeler is home to the historic Santa Monica Pier Ferris Wheel. Overlooking the Downtown skyline, the Wheeler Ferris Wheel stands 100 feet above the south bank of the Oklahoma River

    Photo credit // Ely Fair Photography

    Wheeler Ferris Wheel

    Wheeler Ferris Wheel graphic
  • The Ferris wheel was refurbished and installed in the Wheeler District in April 2016.

    Photo credit // Ely Fair Photography

    Wheeler Ferris Wheel

    Wheeler Ferris Wheel graphic
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